Working With Sugarpaste Icing

Sugarpaste icing is edible sugar dough that is used to cover cakes from small birthday ones to large three tiered wedding cakes. It is made of sugar and glucose and can also be called fondant icing. Pastry chefs that make elaborate cakes most commonly use it and it is also great for making edible decorations. Sugar paste is solid and white but food coloring can be added to it if other colors are desired. Sugar paste icing can be made at home or can be purchased from your local cake decorating store.
For those who have never used Sugarpaste icing, it may be a somewhat difficult task if you have no idea how to use it. In order to cover a cake with fondant there are steps involved. Continue reading to find out how to use this type of icing.
Step 1: Knead sugar paste in a smooth shape for the cake.
Step 2: Roll out sugar paste large enough to cover the top and sides of the cake.
Step 3: Smooth out the icing.
Step 4: Place cake on a shape board that has about 2 inches of extra space on each side. Room is needed to apply fondant correctly.
Step 5: Brush cake with sherry, or water.
Step 6: put both hands under sugar paste and lift it without stretching out the paste.
Step 7: Lay over the cake.
Step 8: Smooth the top with a smoothing tool.
Step 9: Smooth the sides of the cake using the same tool.
Step 10: Trim any excess from the cake.
Step 11: Smooth the edges of the cake and smooth out any other imperfections.
Step 12: Leave cake to set.
Using this type of icing is simple once you know how to use it. Some practice may be required before you can apply it to a cake perfectly. With sugar paste icing the decorating options are endless when it comes to cake decorating. They make cakes look amazing and they make them look like professional cakes. There is no point of wasting a thousand dollars for a cake when you can do it yourself.

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