What Are Some Favorite Pizza Varieties

Ever since pizza first arrived in the United States, it has been happily eaten by the whole nation. The U.S. has really made pizza its own, continuously reinventing it since it was first seen on our shores. If you were to take a pizza tour of America, it would take a lifetime to see all the varieties that people have come up with. The following are just a few of the regional specialties you are likely to encounter.

New York Style
When it comes to pizza, few varieties are more iconic than a thin crust New York style slice. While you might find some other thin crust varieties throughout the United States, the New York style slice is distinguished by its ability to be folded. This requires a crust that is thin enough, with just the right amount of thickness so that it holds itself together. This pizza features the standard blend of marinara sauce with mozzarella cheese.

Sicilian Style
The Sicilian style slice is the New York style’s larger cousin. Instead of the circular pie many have come to expect, Sicilian pie’s are square and the slices are cut that way as well. Sicilian style pizza is the exact opposite of the standard New York slice, being big and fluffy. While the crust may have a small crisp to it, it tends towards the softer side. This style is always a great choice when you are feeling especially hungry or are expecting a large gathering.

Chicago Deep Dish
The deep dish style pizza is an art unto its own. This pie is deep and thick like its name suggests, with its tall crust going up to the top of its namesake deep-dish pan. It is common to find this pizza in a stuffed variety, with cheese in the middle and another layer of crust on the top. You might expect to see this pizza variety served in a mini version for a single person.

This form of pizza is not to be confused with your standard New York slice, which often goes by the same name. The Neapolitan pizza is perhaps the most traditional variety, something you are more likely to sit down at a restaurant and eat rather than grab and go. The pies are sized for one person, so don’t expect to be satisfied with a single slice. Many pizza fans will be surprised to see that compared to your average pizza this variety has a good deal less cheese and sauce. Part of this pizza’s distinct appeal is that they are commonly cooked in a stone oven over a wood fire, being done within two minutes. In addition, your pizza will have a slight bit of charring to it. If you are looking for a whole new pizza experience, Neapolitan is the way to go.

Chicago Thin Style
This is the style that many Midwestern pizzerias are known for. This variety is the complete opposite of the deep-dish pizza, sporting a thin and crispy crust that is almost cracker like. Unlike all of the other aforementioned pizzas, this one is cut into small squares, a style known as “party cut”.

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