Summer Wedding Reception Finger Foods

Food is one factor that can make a wedding standout from any other. It’s always exciting as a wedding guest to see what the menu will be. How difficult is it to socialize though if the food is not easy to eat? If you are planning a summer wedding, you are at an advantage since it’s the prime time for great fruits, veggies and seafood. Here are some tasty ideas that are decedent and easy to eat!

Fruits of the Sea
A great finger food to serve at summer wedding receptions is Coconut Shrimp. Usually presented on skewers, these delectable crustaceans are easy to make.

A simple breading of flour and egg wash and a dredging in coconut flakes before broiling, baking or frying is often the only prep work that is required with these crowd-pleasers. The natural sweetness of the coconut marries well with the shrimp and when the coconut flakes become lightly browned they add a pleasant sense of crunchiness.

Crab Rangoon is an item that is available at many Chinese restaurants and it also works well as a summer wedding reception finger food. Made with shredded crabmeat, cream cheese and seasonings folded into a wonton then deep fried, these tasty morsels are always well-received.

Bread Items
Bruschetta is a light yet satisfying finger food that would be ideal for many summer wedding receptions. Classic bruschetta normally consists of small pieces of French or Italian bread topped with diced tomatoes, diced onions and garlic.

There are many variations on the basic theme of bruschetta. Sometimes diced bell peppers are added to the tomatoes and onions and quite frequently the pieces are covered with melted cheese. There are also chicken and seafood varieties of bruschetta.

Toast rounds topped with beef tenderloin and melted cheese are always popular at summer wedding receptions. Small rounds of bread are simply topped with slices of beef tenderloin and one’s choice of cheese then broiled or baked just until the cheese melts. Quite frequently a small amount of horseradish cream sauce is spread on the bread and/or meat. Be sure that only a small amount of sauce is used in order to prevent dripping.

Slices of grilled chorizo sausage or kielbasa and crackers served on toothpicks are tasty finger foods that are easy to eat at wedding receptions.

Chunks of General Tso’s chicken, cocktail franks and mini-meatballs served on toothpicks are other finger foods that go over very well at most types of gatherings including summer wedding receptions.

The classic combination of prosciutto slices and melon balls is a flavorful wedding reception finger food that many people enjoy eating.

Tiny quiches are cute and delicious finger foods that are excellent wedding reception foods as are quesadilla slices and fresh fruit slices.

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