Introduction Birthday Celebration Without Cake is Impossible

A Birthday celebration without cake is impossible.  This an integral item on the birthday of a person.  In ancient times, the Egyptians baked them as breads with honey and eggs.  The English consumed only bread.  The cake as we see today came into existence after the 17th century.   The main ingredient for raising cakes in the earlier times was eggs.  Celebrating birthdays with cakes and pastries, fudges cookies and chocolates have been traditional for the past many centuries in the European countries.  The Greeks introduced the candle lighting on the cake. The mothers and the grandmothers baked at home and varieties like cupcakes, brownies, pastries and much more. Cookies and biscuits enhance the taste. You can see the variety of cupcakes, cookies, brownies here. The batter is poured over the layer of cookies or biscuits.  Decorative items like cherries, strawberries, confetti, coconut powder, almonds walnuts, berries, oranges, pineapples plums are some of the essentials along with other dry fruit bits enhance the taste and appearance.  Chocolate has become the primary topping for this followed by other dressings.

Basic Ingredients and Flavoring

Birthday celebration has become worldwide with variations in recipes and decorations with minimal changes.  The flavoring ingredients like vanilla, chocolate, banana, potato, pumpkins, carrots are very few of the combination types used.  There are limitless combinations to make cakes more delicious and sumptuous.  People come up with creative baking and decorating ideas.  The multicolored or white candles or number candles on the cake represent age and the birthday person blows them off in one breath.  This is considered to bring luck to the person.  The guests and friends gather for the celebration and sing birthday song to bless the child.  The person serves cake to all as a part of courtesy, affection and gratitude.  There is enthusiasm, rejoicing so birthday celebration without cake is impossible.

Types of Decorations and Shapes

Birthday celebration without cake is impossible.  People order birthday cakes as per the liking of a customer.  You can get it personalized with dressings of your choice.  People get cartoon characters or flowers, angry birds, toys, a clock, and write messages on it with cream icing cones.  They decorated with royal icing.  The meringue, marzipan. Icing sugar, gum pastes are the ingredients used for icing. There are competitions in many countries and the largest and best decoration gets a prize.  Some demand egg-less and sugar free items.  There is nothing as mouth-watering as this.  Bake it, cut it, and eat it.  There is no comparison to this delicacy.  There does not have to be an occasion to eat one, but is ordered especially for birthday celebrations  We do not know what people would have served if this main course of heavenly sweet dish was missing from parties.

Flavoring Ingredients for Making Cakes

Cakes add cheer and happiness to a birthday celebration.  They are a major attraction at each occasion.  It is a heavenly food preparation.  The mouth watering decorations attribute to the beauty and taste.  It is a primary dessert for people of all ages.  The decorative themes are incredible.  The varieties of preparations are also unremarkable.  This makes birthday celebration without cake impossible.  The chefs make artistic decorations as per the order.  Many varieties and new combinations attribute to the taste.  They are plenty like sponge, mixed fruit, sandwich, in these two layers are prepared and a layer of cream, jam, chocolate cream, and more things make a sandwich cake.  People consume for breakfast, snacks, or as dessert after meals.  The combinations of fruits like banana, apples, walnut, almonds, plums and peaches, berries, cherries, oranges, pineapple cheese are particularly used.  Flavors like tea, coffee, cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg add a difference.

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