Host Your Own Australian BBQ

Barbequing is popular pretty much everywhere in the world, however in Australia the barbeque is a sacred thing; almost as sacred as the Queens tea parties for the elite.
So, if you are interested in hosting a barbeque, of course not just any old barbeque, but an authentic Aussie backyard friendly cuisine that will impress all of your friends, what will you need? And (most importantly) what should you cook?
Well, here is what my research concluded for you Aussie barbeque fans out there.

Throw another shrimp on the barbie

Every meal has a starter and so to bring the authentic food of Australia to your summer celebrations of beer and food, why not try a Barbequed Shrimp with Lime Mayonnaise?
This wonderful starting dish is a great way to commence any Aus Barbie, it’s quick, simple and easy to prepare. The main part of this dish is the mayonnaise which is prepared by combining mayo with freshly grated mango, a splash of lime juice and a pinch of sea salt.
After the preparation just put it in a dish, then heat the barbeque which should be ready to cook after you finish skewering them and brushing them with canola oil then you can put another shrimp on the Barbie – yes, obvious but worth it!


After everyone has enjoyed your starter you can move onto the main meal, and there are a couple of popular dishes that Australians prefer to cook. The first is Lamb Sausage Baguettes which are as tasty as they sound and all you need is French bread, your own mixed salad and lamb sausages or, you could spring for something a little more exotic, the choice is yours.
Mix a fresh salad with mustard seeds, mixed lettuce greens and raisins with mango chutney, barbeque the sausage and place the salad in the baguette ready for the sausage to complete this wonderfully authentic Australian main.
However if you fancy something a little more impressive, if you have a “Sheila” to make an impact on, a fine second choice would be the Char-grilled Steak Sandwich. This dish is usually served with a fried egg, in the style of a large burger; other ingredients include lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and Spanish onions. It might be wise to beat the steak with a meat tenderiser to ensure that it cooks well, or well enough if you like your steak still “moo-ing”.

To Finish

And of course for snacking after you’ve taken a rest from those meaty meals, serve a delightful array of crisps, pretzels to ensure a lovely snacking dessert.
However, no Australian barbeque would be complete without a beer in hand and a “Sheila” in the other!
To have no beer at an Aus barbeque is as bad as turning up at a church nude, and if you want to go that one step further for authenticity why not learn some Australian barbeque slang?
Such as “BYO” which means “Bring your own”, which is to say bring your own beer and food etc; and you may wish to remember to stress the phrase “there’s enough room in the fridge” to your guests as it is common courtesy for guests to put their beer in the hosts fridge and leave what they don’t drink behind – a golden rule I feel.

So there you are, some golden tips for food you should cook, snacks you should provide and common courteous rules in Aus that should never be forgotten, or left out

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Nicolas Holtby is a semi professional footballer and meat enthusiast. His love for all things down under began when he embarked on a holiday to Australia with Travelbag.

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