Do You Need Help Introducing Your Children to Healthy Eating?

If you have ever spoken to a fellow parent about their experience trying to get their children to make healthy food choices then you have likely steered very clear of introducing that level of drama into your home and have likely allowed your child to eat what they like.


And while that may have been fine for a period, if you are now realizing that it’s time for you to make the change in your home, too, below are some great tips which can help make the transition a smooth one.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

It’s a message that we have been teaching children for as long as we can remember, so why not embrace it as an adult?


Consider this plan.


Week #1 – Put one new healthy item on their plate alongside their regular meal. Don’t even mention that it’s there and if they don’t eat it, remain silent on the matter.


Week #2 – When week two rolls around you will have noticed that the healthy item from the first week is now being eaten. Now, replace one of their oily foods with a grilled option, offering extra sauce, however, again, saying nothing about the changes you are making to their plate, even if they don’t eat them.


Week #3 – In Addition to your regular ice cream or pie for dessert, serve up a shared bowl of fruit which you can place in the middle of the table for everybody to eat. During this time, be sure that your youngster sees you not only taking fruit from the bowl but also enjoying it alongside your regular dessert.


Week #4 – Serve them two entire meals made from all healthy options.


While it may seem like it will take a while, remember that you are hoping to adjust their train of thought, helping them to enjoy the healthy food and hopefully make better food choices when they aren’t at home.


Make Healthy Eating an Enjoyable Task

In addition to serving them up healthy food, consider changing the way you serve the food. For example, a lexmod coupon from Groupon Coupons is a great way to find child-friendly and focused cooking and serving dishes which can encourage your child to eat their vegetables and make their way to the cartoon at the bottom of the plate.


Lead By Example

Every parent knows that a child will take on the behavior of their parents. With this in mind, simply serving your child healthy items and not eating them yourself isn’t going to help your cause. If you want to introduce your child to healthy eating then not only do you also have to join but it’s incredibly important that you see you doing so positively.


When it comes to getting your children to eat healthily, it’s good to try anything which you think might work. The above are some great ideas to start. In addition to these, speak with fellow parents to get their advice and feedback on any methods they tried.

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