5 Supposedly Healthy Foods That Are Actually Loaded With Sugar

Five Supposedly Healthy Foods That Are Actually Loaded With SugarIt is very important for you to limit the amount of sugar that you consume. Studies have shown that a high-sugar diet can increase the risk of heart disease as well as numerous other problems. Everyone knows that foods like cakes, pies and cookies are filled with sugar. However, there are many so-called healthy foods that are actually very high in sugar. Below are some of the sugar-filled foods that many people think are healthy:


Fruit Cocktail


Many people think that certain foods are automatically healthy because they contain fruit. However, one cup of fruit cocktail contains 26 grams of sugar. It is always best to get real fresh fruit. You should opt to eat a banana or an apple instead of a fruit cocktail.


Dried Fruit


Dried fruit is high in fiber, but it is also filled with sugar. It also contains more calories than fresh fruit. Therefore, you should opt to eat fresh fruit instead of dried fruit. Eating a-lot of dried fruit can also cause cavities. This surprises many people who think that because fruit is so healthy, there can’t be negative side effects to eating all they want. If you think that you have a cavity, then you might need to see a family dentist in Little Rock.


Fat-Free Yogurt


Fat-free does not equal healthy. A six-ounce serving of fat-free yogurt contains about 15 grams of sugar. If you are craving yogurt, then you should choose the Greek kind. Greek yogurt is lower in sugar and calories. If you want to add some flavor to the Greek yogurt, then you should add some raw blueberries or strawberries. You can also add a little bit of honey to make it sweeter.


Protein Bars


Many of the protein bars that are on the shelf today are filled with artificial fillers and ingredients. If you see a protein bar that has more than 200 calories and eight grams of sugar, then you may want to consider leaving it on the shelf. You should consider eating some vegetable, humus or beans if you are trying to get more protein in your day.


Granola Bars


Granola bars may seem like a good option if you are thinking about skipping a meal. However, they are loaded with sodium, sugar and saturated fat. Granola bars really are not any better than candy bars. You should consider trying sliced mango with dark chocolate if you are looking for a filling snack. It is not only lower in calories and sugar, but it is also delicious.


You might want to think twice about eating dried fruit, fruit cocktails, fat-free yogurt, protein bars and granola bars. Those foods contain a-lot of sugar and calories, so they are not as healthy as many people think.

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